Since the coronavirus began affecting the United States, college students all over the country were forced to leave campus and begin attending their remaining classes on the internet, from the comfort of their homes. This can be a rather large adjustment, and as of right now many universities plan on opening their campuses back up in the fall, but things could change again unexpectedly. Attending college classes from home can be a difficult experience for myriad reasons, so here are a few tips to help make attending college from home a little easier.

Keep Your School Schedule

It can be easy to lose any schedule you might have had once you start attending your college classes from home. You no longer need to wake up early to prepare for the day or possibly drive to class if you were a commuter. Instead, you’re likely able to wake up right before class begins and just do everything from your pajamas. While this may seem nice, it’s a good idea to try and keep the schedule you had before. Wake up early and perform any morning rituals you had when you were still going into the physical classroom. Eat breakfast, take a shower, and anything else you may have done. Be sure to keep that schedule going throughout your day as well.

Create A Positive Work Environment

When you’re setting yourself up to attend your classes from home, be sure you set yourself up in a healthy environment for getting work done. Try to put yourself somewhere where you won’t get easily distracted by noises or anything else that may take you away from your studies. Try to place yourself somewhere away from the kitchen and television or any other outside distractions. Or, do the opposite. What’s important is that you are in an environment that works for you, and helps you achieve success.

Keep In Touch With Your School Friends

Having some sense of normalcy during these times is always good. One of the best ways to do that is by keeping in touch with all of your friends from school. Be sure to talk to them everyday, whether it’s about school itself or about anything else. Create study groups or have zoom conferences with everyone so you can keep in touch with one another. You won’t regret it.