The world of higher education can be immensely interesting and has loads of opportunity for professional development. Attending or working at a college or university is a wonderful experience that will not only give you the education you need to succeed, but also allow you to go through experiences that will help you develop both as a professional and a  human being. Higher education can be rife with academic discourse, and one of the best ways to share and discuss that discourse is by turning to podcasts. The popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially over the past few years, and many universities as well as professionals working at these universities have begun using these podcasts to discuss a variety of topics pertaining to higher education. Read on for a few great podcasts on higher education.

Teaching in Higher Ed

If you’re a professor working in higher education, one of the best ways to develop your skills is by discussing or listening to other professionals in the field and the trials and tribulations that have helped them succeed in their roles. This podcast, hosted by Bonni Stachowiak, is a great starting point if you’re looking to get that kind of insight. Bonnie has produced well over 200 episodes all about what it’s like to teach in higher education. Not only will you gain a myriad of resources to help yourself grow, you may also get an idea of what your fellow faculty members are thinking about and how you and your institution can be better prepared to teach incoming students.

EdSurge On Air

Higher education is constantly changing and growing, and EdSurge is a great show that takes a look at not only that, but the people who are helping higher education grow. EdSurge began in 2011 as a community of education technology educators and entrepreneurs and they’ve been discussing education news ever since. Every episode covers the latest happenings in the world of higher education and the hosts give their perspective on why they think things are happening the way they are, or how things can be improved, such as with the way COVID-19 has been affecting institutions of higher learning.

Chancellor’s Office Podcast

Unfortunately, not everybody can attend universities. That’s why we have community college, an alternative that is typically cheaper but can be just as if not more rewarding. Since community colleges are important, it makes sense to have a podcast that focuses on them on this list. Enter the Chancellor’s Office Podcast, a podcast produced by a host of community colleges located in California. Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley hosts each episode, and tries to bring new perspectives on two-year community colleges and the challenges that they tend to face, such as educators fighting to end the stigma associated with receiving a community college education.