Get Motivated

College is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! The first hurdle to success is motivation. One has to be ready to start grinding and hustling. Here is an example: Harry has been struggling with his first semester at college. He is far from home and doesn’t have friends either. He does not have a support system that can motivate him. However, he can be his cheerleader! Harry needs to remind himself about his goals and why finishing college is essential.

Discover Why

Harry’s reason for pursuing higher education will be different from everyone else. It is unique and personal. The most common interview question for medical school is, “Why do you want to become a doctor?” It is a hard question. There is no equation one can plug their different and unique experiences into and get a neat reason why one goes through long hard years of training to become a doctor. It is a good time for Harry to go back to the beginning and reminisce about why he is in college and a specific major.

Class and Study Hacks

Here are some general tips for success: go to class. Professors may mention important extra credit information as well as exam hints. For example, Harry should try to read a related book chapter(s) before class. The lecture is the time for the professor to introduce the topic and break down the tricky sections briefly. Harry should be paying attention to what the professor is saying about the material and taking notes instead of reading lecture slides in class. Harry will always have the lecture slides, but he won’t ever have how his professor explained new complex topics. Reading before lectures will also help Harry retain the information before actually studying for the exam. If Harry has trouble understanding the material, he should meet with the professor during office hours! Professors are willing to help Harry and anyone else if they need it.

Conquer Higher Education

Get motivated and get started! Remember the unique and personal purpose of higher education, and good luck with weathering education’s storms!