When students transition from high school to college, they often want to explore their newfound freedom. Often times, this means mingling with the opposite sex without parental supervision. Although there is nothing wrong with this, there are major benefits to attending an all women’s college. Take a look at why girls should seriously consider enrolling in a women’s university:

Smaller Classes

Most of the women’s colleges have less than 3,000 students. This means that classes are much smaller and offer a more personalized education. Students will be able to enjoy regular conversations in their classes and have a greater chance of connecting with their professors on a more personal level. Women’s colleges can give women better and more personal higher-level education.

Less Sexism

Even in this progressive day and age, there is still sexism. In co-ed colleges, women are often faced with gender inequality and sexism with their students and even professors. In a women’s college, there is much less sexism to deal with. Instead, women are treated much more as equals and not feel discriminated against because of their gender. This helps improve their overall college experience. 

Better Campus Community

Women’s colleges put a large emphasis on building the voice, confidence, and high self-esteem so that women can survive and prevail in today’s still male-dominated marketplace. With such small campuses and overall union to thrive as women, there is a stronger sense of community. Students and professors connect with one another on a greater level than at a coed college. Because of this, women who attend all-female institutions are often much more satisfied with their academic careers.

Strong Leadership 

All-female institutions are known for producing strong leaders. Women are encouraged to become leaders and make names for themselves. Staff, faculty,  professors, and even fellow students advocate for leadership. In fact, many of America’s great women leaders attended an all-female institution. Successful women such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Meryl Streep, and Julia Child.

Attending a women’s college can make students into incredible leaders and give them a stronger female identity.