Traditional degree programs take place in a college or university from all around the world. With the help of technology, students can now earn their degree online. Over the years, more and more online degree programs have emerged. With so many popping up and promising their students a successful career, many have debated over the benefits and disadvantages of online degree programs:


The Benefits

There are many advantages to getting a degree online. One of them being time availability. Some students don’t have the time in their schedule to attend a college or university. Many people have to juggle school between work and family. This is why online degree programs are so appealing. Online courses can be done wherever and whenever the student has the time to study. They’re able to earn their degree on their own time.

Studying online also cuts back on traditional education costs. When attending a college or university, many students have to pay for room and board, gas or travel fees, and meal plans. Attending classes at a college can also cut into time the student could be spending working. By studying online, those costs are eliminated. Instead of paying for campus life and living, their solely paying for their education and degree program.



Although there are many benefits of online degree programs, there are also some disadvantages. For one, there is limited social interaction when participating in online education. All communications are done through email, live chats, and online discussions. Students aren’t able to have face-to-face communication with their professors or with other students. This also limits networking opportunities and personalized attention from professors.

Learning from behind a computer screen can be difficult for some. Sitting in front of a computer strains eyes, causes back pains, and leads to poor vision. There can be quite a physical burden when learning online. Not only that but assessing whether the student actually understands the material can be very difficult. Online degree programs also take a lot of discipline from the students. If student’s lack self-discipline to make time for online courses their education, they will not succeed.

Whether online or in a classroom, education is very important. Before choosing between an online degree program or a traditional university, consider the benefits and disadvantages to see which option is best.