Technology and Artificial intelligence (AI) has had a major impact on society and daily lives. Jobs that were once performed by humans are now being replaced by technology, AI is set to improve the healthcare industry, and emerging technologies are set to transform education. The future of education is being reshaped and revolutionized by technology and AI:

Improved Classroom Engagement

Nowadays, devices and apps have been a huge distraction for children, teens, and young adults. More often than not, their eyes will be glued to a screen. Instead of disregarding smart devices altogether, they can instead be used to improve classroom engagement. Apps can be used for project-based learning which has been proven to improve learning for students at a variety of grade levels. Teachers care able to communicate with their students, grade assignments and even reach out to parents with an app. Many apps like Kahoot!, Remind, and Padlet have already improved classroom engagement in many different schools.

Personalized Education

The advancements in technology offer new opportunities for educators. Every student is unique and has their only way of learning. Technology and AI give teachers and educators the chance to personalize a student’s education. The term “blended learning” promotes a student’s personalized and optimized education. The term basically means that a teacher will work with a student to merge in-person learning with technology. Although personalized learning like blended learning proposes some challenges, it has a promising future in education.

Outreach and Support

Technology and AI will give students new resources for support in their education. Many students struggle with navigating through the curriculum, new lessons and deciding on a career path. New technology can make it easier for them to reach out for support when they are struggling. There are many new interactive online resources to keep students on the right track for college and technological advancements for job seekers. Innovations like conversational AI systems reach out to incoming college students to keep them up on pre-matriculation tasks and offer personalized support.

The future of education will be changed by technology and AI. Although challenges like impending changes in the workforce creating overly narrow education goals present an issue, new technologies could make a huge difference in education.